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Tuning Up Your Chakras with Sound and Light
November 11, 2020

Here we are on 11/11 with the 11th blog for Sing into Joy!

One of the ways we can balance our energies is to use sound, along with color, to balance the energy centers known as the chakras.

Much has been studied and written about the chakras, a complex energy system first mentioned in the Vedas, India’s ancient spiritual-knowledge texts dating from 1500-1000 BC.  “Chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit and refers to energy points in the body. The chakras are described as spinning disks of energy that run along the spine. It’s believed they should be consistently “open” and aligned with each other, since they link to bundles of nerves and major organs, as well as zones of our energetic body that affect emotional and physical well-being. 

Various modern sources talk about anywhere from 7 to 12 to 114 different chakras!  But essentially, the 7 major chakras along the spine (with the last immediately above the head) are the ones usually referred to.  

I've made a fun little illustration, posted here. The chakras are traditionally numbered starting at the Root (1st) to the Crown (7th).


One interesting explanation I’ve come across for this, is that each of us begins energetically as white light (the sum of all the colors), but our physical bodies would be overloaded trying to process that degree of “amperage” or electrical flow—so just as a prism breaks white light into the colors of the rainbow, the chakras “step down” that torrent of energy and distribute it to the appropriate parts of the body in manageable bites.

I’ve worked for many years, on my own and with interested students, using the sounds and colors associated with each chakra to bring about more balance and harmony.  People have always felt better, clearer, afterward.  Just as there are various theories about the number of chakras, there are various balancing systems people have evolved over millennia.  The basis for the system I use, I learned in Glastonbury, England, from a pair of sound healers there.  Intention has a great deal to do with the outcome, as does intuition in the moment—so I don’t worry about having the One perfect system.


It would be a challenge to outline a “chakra tuning” system in a short blog, so please contact me if you’d like to know more.  Sign up for my email list there, and request an audio example if you'd like.  

To your harmony and balance –



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