What is "Sing into Joy" ?

Sing into Joy, an online music-and-healing resource created by singer, teacher and sound healer Danielle Woerner, is based on the premise that regular singing can enhance anyone's health and wellness: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.
Photo: Michael Gold
Your Guide: Danielle is an internationally respected singer and recording artist, voice teacher and workshop leader, writer and songwriter. She also has a professional background in the arts and mental health, and her work with clients and students reflects this alignment, too. She offers voice lessons and other music services online, all over the world, from her studio on the scenic Maine coast. For more about her, visit DanielleWoerner.com

Sing into Joy makes no medical claims and does not provide medical advice. But Danielle's more than three decades of professional singing and teaching, supported by numerous scientific studies, validate this idea. This holistic approach includes:


Though singing in groups will make a slow return from our current pandemic isolation, we can always sing on our own, develop our vocal and musical abilities, improve our mood — and safely, happily join others online. Those who miss singing can continue to have support and guidance.  Those who've felt embarrassed or shamed to sing in the past can experiment and grow in a safe space with an expert mentor.



Sing into Joy is continuing to develop this mutil-faceted resource daily, not just through personalized instruction but also regular blogs and tips, audio and video files, a YouTube channel (coming soon!) and social media posts.

What Clients are Saying

Dear Danielle, Thank you for the advice... The wobble is gone, my speaking voice has changed for the better, and I feel like I have regained a part of myself I feared was lost forever. With much Joy!”
JB, mid-Hudson Valley, NY